Maruichi Leavitt's humble beginnings started with producing our first Mechanical Tube product in 1957. And to this day, we continue to offer this industry leading product. All of our mechanical tubes are produced to the ASTM A513 (Type 1 & 2) specification. Mechanical tube applications are endless: from automotive parts that protect the safety of your loved ones to classic lawn furniture you use to relax on the weekend, Maruichi Leavitt's ASTM A513 Mechanical Tube is the right choice for your next great product.

astm a513 mechanical tube

ASTM A513 Mechanical Tubing SPECIFICATIONS


Squares 1/2" x 1/2" to 2" x 2"
(and corresponding rectangles)
Rounds from 0.500" to 2.750"
Wall Thickness .028" to .120"  
Lengths up to 30' *
Weld on Large Side


ASTM A513 Type 1 & Type 2      
Flash In


HRB (Hot Rolled Black)                
HRP (Pickle & Oil)
CRC (Cold Rolled)
Saw Cut End Finish

Value Added

Flash Removal*
Weld on Short Side*
Bandsaw Re-cutting*
Custom Bundle Configuration*

*Certain Sizes
  Minimums may apply.

Industries That Use ASTM A513 Mechanical Tube

From the downstairs, upstairs and everywhere in between, ASTM A513 mechanical tube is found everywhere that furniture is.

As you "pump iron" know that the gym equipment you use is as strong as they come ASTM A513 steel tubes support your healthy lifestyle.

Whether it is a mower, snowblower weed trimmer and more, our ASTM A513 mechanical tube is designed for durability, keeping your backyard clean and tidy.

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